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Introducing the
Dawn of the CTwists™
Communication Age


Test Results

eSpin™ (CTwists'™ predecessor), tested by Princeton Scientists, produced remarkable results at multiple test sites:
  • The capability to create multiple channels in the same frequency using multiple spin frequencies.
  • A 42 dB advantage (10,000 fold improvement) in selectivity out of Gaussian noise causing greater range.
  • A 42 dB advantage (10,000 fold improvement) in selectivity out of Gaussian noise results in the need for less power.

When CTwists™ is fully developed and deployed, cellular providers will need this technology to compete. Cell towers will support many more concurrent conversations, will not need to be spaced nearly as close to each other, and will operate at much lower power requirements. Cell phone users will be provided with significantly more data capability with much longer battery life.

Later advancements will provide service for remote areas throughout the world. This will help enable true worldwide connection of people, through more and more devices, in the 'Internet of Everything.' The result will be significant societal shifts caused by what could be called the Communication Age.

Our technology, CTwists™, has the ability to send radio waves through space in an entirely unique and elegant manner, unlike anything yet seen. CTwists has six prevailing advantages over other communications methods:

Increased Data Channels
Increased Bandwidth
Increased Coverage
Less Power Consumption
Real Network Security

No other advanced communications method has been able to accomplish more than two of these critical benefits - our technology is the first technology to accomplish all six simultaneously.

Professional Endorsements
and Testimonials

"eSpin™ (CTwists'™ predecessor) enables communication over and extraordinary long range, or at a substantially reduced power, or at some optimized combination of power and range."
-John Haller,, Partner, Intellectual Property Group

"CTwists™'s (CTwists™'s predecessor) Remarkable power reduction will translate into dramatic heat reduction, exceptional extension of battery life and reduction of overall infrastructure and operating system costs related to its uses."
Dr. Vincent J Boccanfuso, Jr, Director, Sarnoff Corporation

"The CTwists™ (CTwists™'s predecessor) modulation technology provides an enhancement of information capacity, interface compatibility with existing digital, data, and analog services, higher data security, better quality communications and quicker system availability"
Dr. Alan Jack Herr, Managing Director, MicroIndustrie, Inc.

"As to my perspective on this technology, this appears to significantly push into the 4G Spectrum well ahead of anything else I have seen."
Arthur Metcalf, CLEC Engineering, Central Region

As you know, we believe that the eSpin™ (CTwists'™ predecessor) Technology can be a major breakthrough in the "last mile solution as well as providing solutions to a myriad of applications where power savings is a critical component to ongoing infrastructure costs.
Dr. Vincent J Boccanfuso, Jr, Director, Sarnoff Corporation