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Power Factor

Isn't it frustrating when your cell phone and devices run out of battery power just when you need them? CTwists™ will significantly extend the battery life by reducing power requirements.

The CTwists™ wave has been measured at a 42 dB or over a 10,000 to 1 improvement in selectivity out of Gaussian noise.

Since the entire 42dB enhancement may not be used to increase only distance, a major part of this improvement can be utilized in power reduction. Through reducing power, battery life can be extended considerably. Individuals concerned with 'power delivered to their brain' via cell phones communications, can be reassured by the significantly lower power requirement using CTwists™ cell phones.

The CTwists™ cell phone will be able to make automatic adjustments in transmit power. This will be accomplished during the initial hand shake with a cell tower, which determines optimum power required to transmit from the cell phone to cell tower.

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Increased Data Channels
Increased Bandwidth
Increased Coverage
Less Power Consumption
Real Network Security