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How frustrating is it when viruses and hackers infect your cell phone and devices?

Isn't maddening the number of user IDs and passwords you are expected to remember and change frequently. CTwists™ provides a foundation to address these problems from the ground up rather than a stream of patches that never end.

Security implemented in the current scheme grew from systems that were not originally designed for security or network security. These systems are being patched continuously trying to fix a never ending set of holes in security.

Communication over the Internet needs to be encrypted to maintain confidentiality; also absolute assurance of the message originator is required. Encryption has to be established by means of encryption keys. The past best practices exchanged keys utilizing separate channels (not the channel being encrypted by these keys). This basic practice was abandoned for convenience, which has intensified the security holes in the network security system.

With CTwists™, separate security channels can be reserved and utilized for implementation of a networked based security system. Upon this foundation, real security can be provided to the current legacy operating systems.

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Increased Data Channels
Increased Bandwidth
Increased Coverage
Less Power Consumption
Real Network Security