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Introducing the Dawn of the eSpin™ Communication Age

Non-Interfering Signals Factor

The eSpin™ wave does not interfere with legacy radio waves when running in compatibly mode. In other words, this mode of eSpin™ coexists with legacy radio waves so there is no noticeable interference.

This will allow us to transition to eSpin™ without requiring additional frequencies and little disruption.

This is made possible because eSpin™ waves are transmitted at a very low power. Also the number of channels are limited, making eSpin™ waves appear as very limited noise, inherently not preventing legacy waves from successful communication.

After the transition from compatibly mode is complete, then more channels can be implemented bring greater functionality to eSpin™ communication.

data factor graph

Increased Data Channels
Increased Bandwidth
Increased Coverage
Less Power Consumption
Real Network Security