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Introducing the
Dawn of the CTwists™
Communication Age

The Need For CTwists™ Technology

With increased utilization the world is becoming critically limited in data capacity. The world's data capability (bandwidth) will increase with the use of CTwists™ technology.

Some 6.7 billion people in the world depend on communications for the very quality of their lives. Most people tend to take modern communications for granted, failing to realize that it is a limited resource. With an increase in communication capability more people will stay connected and will also include those areas of the world that are geographically without effective communication systems.


Increased Connectivity Demand
Global Mile Data Traffic Growth
Connectivity Demand Graph
...and yet, most of the world is not connected.
Source: Statista
    The Cisco® Annual Internet Report (2018 2023) White Paper:
    Exponential Growth in Mobile Data
  • Over 70 percent of the global population will have mobile connectivity by 2023
  • 5G devices and connections will be over 10 percent of global mobile devices and connections by 2023
  • Mobile (cellular) speeds will more than triple by 2023

What the CTwists™ Technology Does

CTwists™ radio waves are a form of electromagnetic radiation with better range and penetration characteristics than current technology. This makes them useful for mobile communications, broadcasting and many other wireless applications.

Our technology, CTwists™, has the ability to send radio waves through space in an entirely unique and elegant manner, unlike anything yet seen. CTwists™ has six prevailing advantages over other communications methods:

  • Increased data channels
  • Increased Bandwidth
  • Increased coverage
  • reduced power output required
  • non-interfering with legacy waves
  • real network security
No other advanced communications method has been able to accomplish more than two of these critical benefits - our technology is the first technology to accomplish all six simultaneously.
    In independent tests, by Princeton University PHDs, confirmed eSpin™ (CTwists'™ predicessor) to be:
  • Revolutionary
  • Game changing
  • Documentation from experiments done with Princeton University include compelling arguments for its success
  • Challenges involving the technology are solvable

Increased Data Channels
Increased Bandwidth
Increased Coverage
Less Power Consumption
Real Network Security