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Introducing the Dawn of the eSpin™ Communication Age

Bandwidth Factor

eSpin™ can at least double the existing bandwidth. At a recent auction by the FCC a small portion of frequency spectrum was sold for 45 billion dollars. This gives perspective to eSpin™'s current value to channel partners.

Normal eSpin™ data channels will carry: control traffic, text messages and voice traffic. When large files, streaming video and more complex traffic need more bandwidth, the data channels can then be combined to provide the required increased bandwidth.

Using eSpin™ with 30 channels, at a greater than 70 meter separation, speed tests will be done for eSpin™ while combining traffic on to three sets of 10 channels to increase bandwidth. Our belief is that eSpin™ will more than double the throughput legacy 802.11n performance.

This will demonstrate the non-interference mode of operation, being the initial mode. However, as non-interference with legacy operation is no longer required, more data channels can be implemented, considerably increasing the ultimate throughput.

data factor graph
data factor graph

Increased Data Channels
Increased Bandwidth
Increased Coverage
Less Power Consumption
Real Network Security