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Introducing the Dawn of the eSpin™ Communication Age

The eSpin™ Market Share

Market Technologies

Global Mile Solutions plans to commercialize the technology with the following sectors of the communication industry.
  • Telephone/Cellphone (TELCOM)
  • Direct Satellite Broadcasting (SATCOM)
  • Internet Communications (CYBERCOM)
  • Business Data Communication (DATACOM)
  • Aviation/avionics - Military and Commercial Communication (AVCOM)
  • Tested Equipment Manufacturing (TESTCOM)
  • Others
Services Market
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The individual customer base is in the hundred millions plus range. Global Mile Solutions technology will allow OEM's to capitalize on new global markets in developing nations. We will also address communication in rural areas, both in the US and globally. This is an enormous market that will result in reasonable royalty rates and will be structured to reward further innovations with our technology. The development of additional products including routers, VoIP, computer networks, medical telemetry, wireless devices, etc. With eSpin™ these devices will offer vast extensions of wireless range and applications. The ultimate goal is to open up the entire world to a superior form of networked communications that will benefit all alike. From us, to our children, their children and so forth.

Increased Data Channels Increased Bandwidth Increased Coverage Less Power Consumption Non-Interfering Real Network Security